What We Do

We Save Land…It Sustains Your Community.

Established in 2002, the Summit Land Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to saving Park City and Summit County’s open spaces.

The money we raise here stays here to preserve the lands you treasure. Unlike other Western resort areas that are bordered by public lands, our communities are surrounded by private property that is imminently developable.

We protect your community’s investment in local open space by monitoring and defending 34 permanent conservation easements on over 5,300 acres of land—that’s the equivalent of 4015 football fields, including both end zones!

Currently, we are working to preserve an additional 2,000+ acres of the regional landscapes you cherish.

Our work sustains our community’s economy.

The open spaces we protect are critical for the continued viability of our area’s tourist and resort economy. We preserve the lands that offer the scenic views and outdoor recreation activities that draw visitors, and revenue, to our community.

We support Summit County’s rural economy by preserving working farms and ranches, thus enabling landowners to keep their properties in agriculture, maintain a traditional way of life and protect their heritage for future generations.

The open spaces we protect increase your property values and cost less to your communities than building expensive subdivisions and associated infrastructure.