Osguthorpe Ranch

This property could have seen the development of 120 homes or a massive hotel, drastically impacting the wildlife and the recreational experience of Round Valley. But that’s not what the Osguthorpe family wanted. Thanks to over 200 individual donors and support from Park City, Summit County, the State of Utah and private foundations, this property and the adjacent acres in Round Valley are protected forever.


Photo: Caitlin Willard


ACRES: 121


PROPERTY OWNERS: Osguthorpe Family

RECREATION: Passive recreation including hiking, mountain biking and cross-country skiing

TRAILS: PC Hill, Land of Oz

VEGETATION: Mountain shrubland, sagebrush and sagebrush plant communities, aspen, hay meadow, alfalfa and oats crops

WILDLIFE: Mule deer, elk, moose, red fox, coyote, skunk, raccoon, ruffed grouse, blue grouse, sage grouse, swallow, hummingbird, blackbirds, warblers, etc.

CONSERVATION VALUES: Agricultural, recreational, undeveloped scenic view-shed and wildlife habitat