Nana B’s Preserve

We were honored to partner with Nuzzles & Co to help ensure that the rescue ranch in Browns Canyon remains a serene place for homeless pets. A dog walking trail on this property provides great views onto the Siddoway Ranch and Wetlands easement.

Nana Bs Preserve

Photo: Erin Bragg



LOCATION: Brown’s Canyon, Peoa


RECREATION: Passive recreation including dog-walking and hiking

TRAILS: Property holds a trail used for pet rehabilitation adjacent to the Nuzzles & Co. rescue ranch

VEGETATION: Aspen forest and sagebrush shrubland plant communities

WILDLIFE: Mule deer, elk, bald eagle, golden eagle, red-tailed hawk, mountain bluebird, rabbit, red fox, skunk, badger, etc.

CONSERVATION VALUES: Scenic, view-shed, wildlife habitat and natural open space