Miss Billie’s

Back in the 1990s Park City’s preschoolers got their first taste of school at Miss Billie’s Kids Kampus, located in a house on this property (now removed). Developers noted that this property was prime real estate along Park City’s entry corridor, and had ideas for a large hotel or another strip of buildings. But Miss Billie and her husband Ike decided to protect the open space and the memory of children laughing. It is home to Summit Community Gardens.



ACRES: 10.95


PROPERTY OWNERS: Summit County, Park City Municipal Corporation

RECREATION: Passive recreation including horseback riding, mountain biking and cross-country skiing

TRAILS: Miss Billie’s trail

VEGETATION: Lowland meadow and riparian woodland/shrubland plant communities

WILDLIFE: Mule deer, elk, moose, red fox, raccoon, porcupine, long-tailed vole, Uinta ground squirrel, Uinta chipmunk, red-tailed hawk, sandhill crane, mountain bluebird, etc.

CONSERVATION VALUES: Open space, natural, scenic, recreational and visual