McPolin Farmlands

As perhaps the most iconic property in the Park City area, the citizens of Park City convinced the City Council to place a permanent easement on the property so that it remains open and natural as it is today. There will be no golf courses, no condos, no convention center.

Photo: Charlie Lansche

Photo: Charlie Lansche


ACRES: 115.57


PROPERTY OWNERS: Park City Municipal Corporation

RECREATION: Passive recreation including hiking, biking and cross-country skiing

TRAILS: Farm Trail

VEGETATION: Hay meadow, gambel oak shrubland, sagebrush shrubland, aspen forest, herbaceous wetland, riparian shrubland, and mountain shrubland plant communities

WILDLIFE: Mule deer, elk, moose, bobcat, coyote, fox, raccoon, mountain cottontail, yellow-bellied marmot, smooth green snake, gopher snake, owl, woodpecker, swallow, etc.

CONSERVATION VALUES: Scenic, historical, recreational and agricultural