Gambel Oak

Visible from Deer Valley, Park Meadows and Old Town, the moose love this property as much as we do. In the spring you can find fawn lilies in some of the upland wetlands.

Eric Erlenbusch Gambel Oak photo 2-small

Photo: Eric Erlenbusch


ACRES: 225


PROPERTY OWNERS: Park City Municipal Corporation

RECREATION: Passive recreation including hiking, biking and snowshoeing

TRAILS: Lost Prospector, Masonic, Gambel Oak, Solamere Connector, April Mountain

VEGETATION: Mixed forest, shrubland, evergreen forest and aspen forest plant communities

WILDLIFE: Mule deer, moose, bald eagle, red-tailed hawk, red fox, raccoon, skunk, etc.

CONSERVATION VALUES: Open space, scenic, view-shed and recreational