Empire Canyon

Like the Warren Claims Easement, this large easement was granted by the developer of Empire Pass in exchange for increases in development. While ski resort development (runs and lifts and snowmaking) can happen on these 800+ acres, no buildings are allowed.

Photo: Mark Maziarz

Photo: Mark Maziarz


ACRES: 1092.54 (made up of 4 separate easements)


PROPERTY OWNERS: Deer Valley Resort, Talisker Corporation

RECREATION: Passive recreation including mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, and alpine skiing

TRAILS: The Gravedigger, Moosehouse, Daly Grind, Mid Mountain, Johns 99, Empire Link, TG, Team Big Bear

DEER VALLEY SKI RUNS: Bald Mountain runs: Sunset, North Star, Birds Eye, Homeward Bound. Flagstaff Mountain runs: Ontario, Hidden Treasure, Red Cloud, Square Deal, Peeler, Star Gazer, Mtn. Daisy, Bluebell, Lily, Gemini, Silver Buck, Sidewinder, Lost Boulder, Lucky Star, Hawkeye, Bandana. Lady Morgan runs: Conviction, Solace, Orion, Buckeye, Supreme, Pearl, Dakota, Magnet, Argus, Hillside, Lady Morgan Express, Webster, Woodside, Ore Cart.

VEGETATION: Aspen forest, conifer and tall forb plant communities

WILDLIFE: Mule Deer, elk, moose, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, porcupine, snowshoe hare, raccoon, cooper’s hawk, ruffed grouse, red-tailed hawk, pine siskin, mountain chickadee, evening grosbeak, etc.

CONSERVATION VALUES: Open space, natural, scenic and wetland