Preserve Park City

Your vote matters. This November, vote FOR issuance of bonds.

For Saving Treasure Hill.
For Preserving Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures.
For Future Generations.

Why support the bond?

Voting for the bond protects our quality of life & our resort economy:
  • Everyone comes to Park City because it’s beautiful here. For 20 years, our community has supported open space bonds because it’s the only way to protect the lands we love.  
  • Voting for the bond affirms our previous investments in open space from the McPolin Farm to Round Valley.
  • If the bond passes, all development rights will be extinguished and Treasure Hill and Armstrong Snow Ranch Pastures will be protected with conservation easements for public recreation, view sheds, and wildlife habitat.
 Voting for the bond respects the community and the landowner:
  • A massive hotel complex looming above historic Old Town would fundamentally change our experience of a real, organic town.
  • For nearly 30 years our City Councils, Planning Commissions, City staff, and local residents have tried to find a way to make the entitlements of Treasure Hill fit. But the fact is, it doesn’t fit.
  • The $64 million purchase price is based on comparable sales. The developer is entitled to over 200 Old Town lots.  These lots are currently selling for $1 million or more.  Sales of resort development property in Deer Valley reflect an even higher price point.
  • A bond is the most responsible way for the community to permanently retire the Treasure entitlements, and protect our open spaces, views, and moose habitat forever.
  • If the bond passes, the City will still be over $253 million below its credit limit.
  • Voting for the bond results in a fair solution for both the landowner and the community.
Voting for the bond is just common sense:
  • Voting for the bond protects our quality of life from the negative impacts of over-sized development. These costs are paid in traffic and disruption of our lives during construction, and in the permanent costs the community would have to shoulder in terms of resort traffic and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Over-development kills the golden goose. A bond is a known quantity.  We know what we will have to pay. The estimated costs of about $194 for the average Park City primary property includes both principal and interest. Payments will be finished after 15 years.
  • The City has committed $52 million to affordable housing and social equity. That funding will continue regardless of whether the bond passes.
  • The long term sustainability and affordability of our community depends on preserving open space.
The choice is simple:
  • Primary homeowners will pay just an average of $194/year for 15 years to permanently protect Old Town, the hillside, and trails above it. If we choose to do this, we will avoid increased traffic and congestion, and ongoing infrastructure costs from a private developer building a huge commercial complex on top of our historic district.
 Please vote for the bond.