PCRx – Benefiting Your Health and Community

Vitamin N, or Vitamin Nature, provides invaluable health benefits to YOU and your community. Did you know that exercising outdoors combats sadness, depression, anxiety, anger and fatigue, and improve attention spans? Or did you know that regular exposure to bright natural light can increase vitamin D levels and decrease blood sugar levels among diabetics? The closer we are to open space, the less we suffer from obesity, cardiovascular, mental health, and respiratory diseases. The benefits are immeasurable and the facts are astounding! Spending time in nature is also known to contribute to cognitive, emotional, social and educational development in children while also improving their motor strength, balance, and coordination.

The scientific research and evidence shows that nature and open space improves the well-being of individuals and communities. This is why Summit Land Conservancy is introducing PCRx, our take on the Park Prescription initiative. With the PCRx program, we hope to encourage new (and old) audiences to get outside and become healthier! Park City boasts over 400 miles of trails, and thousands of acres of open space, therefore we think there is no better place to implement an initiative like PCRx.

Stay tuned to learn more about when this program is coming to a trail near YOU this fall!