Osguthorpe Farm

This multi-generational family farm is the last agricultural property on Old Ranch Road. It’s designated as a “Heritage Amenity” in the Snyderville Basin General Plan and is considered a critical, high priority preservation property. To save the ‘Green Heart’ of the Basin, click HERE.

Osguthorpe Farm

Photo: Caitlin Willard

ACRES: 158

LOCATION: North side of Old Ranch Road, Snyderville Basin

PROPERTY OWNERS: Osguthorpe family, Red Pine Livestock

RECREATION: Public access to be determined

TRAILS: To be determined

VEGETATION: Alfalfa and oats

WILDLIFE: Mule deer, moose, elk, wild turkey, goshawk, red-tailed hawk, other various raptors, skunk, rabbit, red fox, etc.

CONSERVATION VALUES: Agricultural, open space, and historical