‘Twas the Day of Live Give

Read to the rhythm of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

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‘Twas the day of Live Give,
and all through PC
Nonprofits were busy,
saying please support we.


The appeals were prepped, and distributed with care,
In the hopes that Live Give donors, would be aware.


That November 7’s, a 24-hour day of giving,
To the nonprofits that make, PC life such great living.
It just takes you ten, to cast your vote,
For the groups you most, want to keep afloat.


Some groups show films, and others build trails,
Still others save animals, while yet more cure ails.
You can’t go wrong, supporting your favorite group,
In fact we say give to all, and do it in one fell swoop!


Our community loves Live Give, it connects us all as one,
You know your gift’ll outlive, and ensure we’ll all have fun.
But, come November seven, we hope you’ll take the time,
To support open spaces too, by giving Summit Land ten online.


He’s a brown hiking boot, so lively and spry,
Sporting a cowboy hat, hey, it’s Parley the Boot Guy!
Most precious to Parkites, our open spaces are famed,
So Boot Guy whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!




First Warren! and Empire!
Rail Trail and Round Valley!
Then Richards! and McPolin!
and Enclave and Quarry!



Virginia Mining! UP&L,
and Miss Billies!
Fawcett, Judd, Osguthorpe,
and Pyper Tracey!


In the past year, the Conservancy’s added Dog Holler,
And don’t forget Risner, up near American Saddler.
We are on a roll, so next up’s Gambel Oak,
And Siddoway Ranch too, because saving land is no joke!


Since 2002 the Conservancy’s, been saving local open spaces,
For future generations; work our community heartily embraces.
Conserved land offers your children, natural outdoor playgrounds,
Fostering creativity away, from overly-developed compounds.


We live in a special community, that loves the great outdoors,
But land it costs a fortune, to save from bulldozers.
The land we save for the future, it’s important that you see,
That by taking part in Live Give, you’ll leave an open space legacy.


The money the Conservancy raises,
stays in our community,
We leverage it more then, to protect open spaces for thee.
The unspoiled views you enjoy, and the trails you love,
Traverse Conservancy-protected open spaces, we all are in awe of.


Boot Guy’s been singing, lots of Live Give carols,
In the hopes that you remember, land can be in peril.
So don’t forget on eleven seven, to take a stand,
Help Boot Guy and the Conservancy, save more land.


Hear the birds trill, and see the elk stride,
Thanks to Summit Land, you will see wildlife on your ride.
We protect development-pressured land, along the Weber River too,
So you and your family can enjoy, public access to fishing yoo hoo!


Everybody counts on, the Summit Land Conservancy,
Local open space is just so tough, to save for thee.
We know just who to call on, to help our community,
‘Cause Boot Guy’s one wish for Live Give, is as plain as can be!


Thank you flyer
Boot Guy sprang to his feet,
to all donors gave a hand,
Thanking them one and all,
for taking a stand.
Parkites heard him exclaim,
“We put up a good fight,”
“So Happy Live Give to all,
and to all a good-night!”