Ercanbrack Ranch

This family ranch is going on the 4th generation. It’s a critical sage grouse migratory habitat. The original coal mines of “Coalville” are actually located on this property, in the remains of a village that was called Grassy Creek.


Photo: Caitlin Willard

ACRES: 2,160

LOCATION: East of Coalville at the head of Grass Creek

PROPERTY OWNERS: Ed and Dixie Ercanbrack

RECREATION: No public access


VEGETATION: Aspen forest, mixed forest, gambel oak, sagebrush shrubland and woody wetland plant communities

WILDLIFE: Mule deer, moose, elk, black bear, mountain lion, wild turkey, goshawk, red-tailed hawk, kestrel, various owls and other raptors, skunk, rabbit, red fox, rugged grouse, etc.

CONSERVATION VALUES: Agricultural, sage grouse and big game habitat, and natural open space