Can We Afford the Bond? Yes, We Can.

Bonds don’t last forever… Protecting open space for future generations will. After six years, your property taxes will be similar to what they are today!

The Open Space Bond is a Fiscally Responsible Option

Park City’s strong financial position includes:

  • Aaa Bond rating from Moody’s- the highest available
  • Utah State mandated general obligation debt limit is 4% of total assessed property value
  • Park City has adopted a 2% maximum of total assessed property value
  • After adding the 2018 Open Space Bond, Park City will be at less than .5%
  • The Utah property tax rate is in the lowest 20% of tax rates in the USA
  • Park City has one of the lowest property tax rates in Utah

The choice is simple: The average Park City household will either pay $194/year for 15 years to preserve Park City, or we will all pay in terms of litigation, traffic, congestion and massive ongoing infrastructure costs.