Mission, Vision and Values


Summit Land Conservancy works with our communities to protect and preserve land and water for the benefit of people and nature.


Open space is the heart of our community. Our sense of place is clearly defined by the shared landscapes that anchor us here. These mountains, trails, farms, and rivers connect us to each other and to the natural world. The Summit Land Conservancy cares for these lands forever, nurturing a healthy community that is founded on its strong connection to the places we’ve protected together.


Cooperation:  We collaborate with individuals, organizations, public agencies and communities to identify challenges, devise workable solutions and achieve mutual goals.

Organizational Sustainability: We are committed to build and sustain an organization that can provide conservation opportunities and stewardship in perpetuity.

Organizational Integrity: We practice sound management. We are honest, effective, efficient, and fiscally responsible.

Conservation Leadership: We strive to be a vital, innovative, engaged and utilized provider of conservation services in our communities.

Respect:  We base all of our relationships—within our organization, with our conservation partners, our community, and the land itself—on respect, trust, and understanding.

Education: We believe in future generations and will focus efforts to insure that adults and children have opportunities to learn respect and appreciation for the natural world.

Organizational Character: Natural lands nurture our humanity and our quality of life. We celebrate and relish the way open space makes us smile and laugh and brings us joy and solace. We have fun doing what we do.