Save the Last Ranch on Old Ranch Road

Summit Land Conservancy has officially secured $8.7 million in federal dollars to purchase and save the 158-acre Osguthorpe Farm on Old Ranch Road. Because of the extremely high property values in the area, more funding will be needed. The federal dollars must be matched by local funding. The family has agreed to make a substantial contribution toward that match. The Conservancy is now working to find $5.6 million to complete the transaction.

The Osguthorpe Farm on Old Ranch Road is recognizable as the large irrigated property on the north side of road. It’s visible from the adjacent Willow Creek Park, the ski resorts, and Round Valley. The property has been designated as a “Heritage Ranch” in the Snyderville Basin General Plan, and is the last ranch standing on Old Ranch Road.

The Osguthorpe family has called Park City home since the 1940’s and has run a successful sheep ranching operation where they continue to grow alfalfa and oats. Their sheep business, also known as Red Pine Livestock Company, is known for using the highest standards regarding animal welfare, responsible land management, and providing quality products. Steve Osguthorpe began herding at the age of 12, and learned a conservation ethic that his father “Doc” instilled in him at a young age.

The federal funding to save the farm on Old Ranch Road comes from a Farm Bill program established to protect the long-term viability of the nation’s food supply by preventing the development of productive working lands like the Osguthorpe Farm. Land protected by agricultural land easements provides additional public benefits including environmental quality, historic preservation, wildlife habitat and the protection of open space.



We Save Land

We Save Land