From hunting for wild hops and identifying flora and fauna on our easements to helping out around the office and staffing our outreach and fundraising events, your time helps protect our local open spaces.

Volunteer opportunities change frequently but we do have some ongoing needs, such as our Adopt an Easement program (see below) and office and recycling help.

Check out our latest Bi-Monthly Newsletter to review descriptions of current opportunities and to sign up to help. You can also search SignUpGenius to view available projects by entering caitlin@wesaveland.org in the Search by Email box.

We also welcome other ideas and suggestions of ways you feel you can help and would like to contribute.

Contact Caitlin Willard (caitlin@wesaveland.org) for additional information on volunteer needs and projects. We publish volunteer opportunities every other month in our Bi-Monthly Newsletter.

Thanks for your support!

Park City Tree Planting Day | June 4.

On Sunday, June 4th, Park City Municipal and Summit Land Conservancy are partnering up to plant trees, and we need your help!


Who: YOU! Volunteers are discouraged from bringing dogs and small children as the work will be moderately strenuous and there will be a lot of activity going on.

Why: Help tackle climate change

When: Sunday, June 4th at 9:00 am

Where: Meet at the Quinn’s trailhead by the Park City Ice Arena. We’ll plant the trees in Round Valley.

What (to bring): Gloves, a shovel, water and snacks

Park City has the most ambitious climate goals in North America: net-zero carbon and running on 100% renewable electricity by 2032 for the whole community (and by 2022 for municipal operations). Being a leader means we need to get creative.

Not only is Park City looking at ways to reduce our carbon emissions, but we’re also exploring how to increase the amount of carbon that our lands soak up; our carbon sinks. Plants and trees are one of nature’s best carbon sinks, as they capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and lock it away from the atmosphere for some time.

With advisory from USU extension, we have identified the best tree and shrub species native to Park City that will soak up the most carbon. Now we want to get them in the ground to test which native species grow the best, with the least amount of maintenance and water. The plantings will not be a part of a landscaped area, rather in natural areas. This pilot project, and the outcomes that come from it, will help shape future tree planting sites and carbon sink strategies. Need more info? Contact celia.peterson@parkcity.org

Adopt an Easement.

You can help us protect our properties while you enjoy Park City’s open spaces. Use your daily, weekly, monthly outdoor adventures to tread lightly on one of our easements and tell us what you see! It’s simple but the impact is great.

Please email Caitlin for more information on this important program.